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Women's Showcase

Runs Virtually April 23 – May 1


A comedic showcase of short works about the experience of being a woman written and directed by the talented women of Flat Tire.

Virtual Performances:

  • Fri, Apr 23 starting at 6:00pm PST

  • Sat, Apr 24 starting at 6:00pm PST

  • Sun, Apr 25 starting at 6:00pm PST

Rebroadcast & Writer/Director Talkback:

  • Fri, Apr 30 starting at 6:00pm PST

  • Sat, May 1 starting at 6:00pm PST

Show Order:

6:00 pm

"Brunch Ops"

Written and Directed by Lindsay Kelly

Featuring Nataliz Jimenez, Lindsay Kelly, Jenna Niehl, and Shae Rodriguez

What appears to be the most basic of brunches, turns out to be a secret network of

women with one mission: help each other navigate the patriarchy. 

6:20 pm

"She Belongs to Me"

Written by Tasneem Islam

Directed by Shibani Balsaver

Featuring James Butler, Jakeem Hawkins, and Tasneem Islam

After a difficult breakup, a young woman navigates the waters of a budding

new romance – until it is suddenly interrupted.

6:40 pm

"Book Cult" 

Written by Thi Nguyen

Directed by Sarah Marcum Reyes

Featuring Paige Brown, Amanda Dacks, Brian Caelleigh, and Lauren Gaudite

An impressionable young woman falls prey to man's master of control,

using her insecurities against her. 

7:00 pm

"Knot It" 

Written and Directed by Thi Nguyen

Featuring Michael Hettler and Thi Nguyen

When long time friends gossip over someone else's divorce,

they are forced to reconsider their personal desires of marriage. 

7:20 pm

"The Secrets Game" 

Written and Directed by Morgyn Utzman

Featuring Noura Alavi, Jayme Mantos, Laura Martinelli, and Jordan Merritt

When best girl friends play a game in which they anonymously reveal their own secrets, close bonds and trust are put to the test when someone starts telling someone else's…

7:40 pm

"A Perfect Fit" 

Written and Performed by Natalie Nicole Dressel

Directed by Sofija Dutcher 

A Transgender Woman attempts to unravel the complexities of discussing her feminine experience.

This production is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

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