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CringeFest: An Uncomfortable Anthology

A waitress struggles to tame her wild tables. An apartment’s tenants are interrupted by an obnoxious fire alarm. A young woman perseveres through Christmas at the in-laws’. Two exes must sort out their past before one of them performs songs about their breakup. A failed magician runs into his old partner at the worst time. And finally, an alternative to (cow’s) milk. Join us for a night of feeling embarrassed for the unfortunate souls onstage.

Directed By: Lauren Beausoleil, John Carroll, Sofija Dutcher, Amanda Lloyd, Sarah Marcum, Martin Rodriguez, and Rebecca Walach.


Written By: Natalie Nicole Dressel, Lindsay Kelly, Amanda Lloyd, Eric Moore, Rachel Nursey, Martin Rodriguez, and Rebecca Walach.


Starring: Lauren Beausoleil, John Carroll, Natalie Nicole Dressel, Andrea Flowers, Hannah Holub, Lindsay Kelly, Amanda Lloyd, Sarah Marcum, Travis Martin, Rachel Nursey, Martin Rodriguez, Shae Tomlinson, Ian Walker Price, and Rebecca Walach.



Asylum @ The Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre 5636 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038



June 3rd at 4pm (PREVIEW) June 9th at 11:55pm June 18th at 2:30pm June 22 at 8:30pm June 24th at 10pm


ADMISSION: 16 & up, $10 at

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