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Theresa Rebeck's


Directed by Michael Massey

UPDATE: Theresa Rebeck's "Seminar" has been postponed, with hopes of premiering fall 2021.

Four aspiring novelists hire an accomplished teacher to lead a writing seminar that quickly turns competitive and incestuous in this comedy by Theresa Rebeck.

Within the group there's the writer who's itching to prove themselves.

The one who's got family ties to live up to. 

The one accused of sleeping their way to the top.

And the one too scared to show their work to anyone. 

Sound familiar?

If you consider yourself a creative type, you may find this play...

too relatable.

"Seminar" will leave you laughing and considering:

     What work do we keep precious? 

     And who should we allow to critique us?


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520 N Western Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90004


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