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Our Mission

A young LA-based theatre company that runs on the collective power and energy of its ensemble. We develop new works, reimagine familiar stories, and present eclectic yet relatable theatre about the necessity to keep moving forward no matter what.

Our History

Four Desperate Friends

December 2015 four University of Texas alums sat in a tiny LA apartment living room just wanting to make something. 

They found other like-minded people wanting to make fun, exciting, different, new work and had their first show in the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival under the name The Tex-Pat Players.

After learning A LOT from that experience and now having company members who hailed from outside of Texas, they did what most new actors do when they get to LA: changed their name and got a face lift. This new company showed up to the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival with the hit show CRINGEFEST: An Uncomfortable Anthology and winning the Encore Award!

Now Flat Tire Theatre Company is kicking off its inaugural 3-show season with a show written by one of our own accomplishing our mission to present LA with eclectic new work and fostering a new community for artists willing to create, experiment, and willing to never stop not even if they get a flat tire.

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